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The Perfect Gift

السلام علیکم
What is the best gift that a Muslim can give to another Muslim?

Do you know that the best gift to give to your Muslim brethren is
knowledge about religious affairs? If you feel, after reading this book, that
it ean benefit your family, friends, business relations, schools, colleges and
others; then send them this book. This will ensure:

1. That you will be practicing the hadith - "تھادوا تحابوا" which means -
"Exchanging gifts will increase mutual love".
2. That you will be investing in your hereafter as well as dispensing your
duty to your Muslim brethren.

3. That you will get the blessings of promoting knowledge and religious

Therefore, try to make this book available to as many people as you
can, Send a copy to your local Masjid, library, clinic and school to fulfil
your religious duty.
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+1 #2 sultan 2011-04-24 13:37
Salam to you
Masha Allah nice pice of work from E-Iqra May Allah (S.W.T) rewards you for this great cause.
Sultan Waheed Hong Kong
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0 #1 Books on Namaz 2011-01-04 19:06
Download link nahi mil raha.

Admin: Download Likha howa hye jnab Lafze Read Se pehle
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