this is story book for kidsAssalmu Alaikum wa Rahmaiullahi wa Barakatuh

It is not easy living in today's world, is it—? Whether we are teenagers or adults, all our lives! are filled with so many pressures of everyday living. And we all experience thoughts and feelings like anger, jealousy pride and the need to be just like or better than those around us.

What do we think of everyday...? What do we see when we look into [he mirror every] morning ? Do we see the perfect eyes, nose and mouth or do we just see that big pimp]e on , our cheek instead . ? Are we thankful for the breakfast that mum has prepared for us or do we insist on something different each morn trig,.. I Are we happy that dad has taken the time| to drive us to school or are we embarrassed to be seen in his car and wish he had a smarter car like our friend's father.,?

It's funny how we always notice the things we don't have and not the ones we do,.. Like how we don't have that latest branded shirt like our friend even though our cupboards are bursting with so many other branded shirts. Or there's that latest computer or cell phone that we must
have even though the ones we do have are in good working condition and less than a year old. And then we keep complaining about that pain in our leg or hand without realising that so
many disabled people don't even haw a leg or hand to complain about. And what about school..? We don't realise its value and are always complaining about bow boring and tiresome


it is but what about those many children who don't even have a school to go to,,.? And then there's our parent. The ones we are disrespectful and cause so much pain and worry to. Do we ever realise just how difficult and lonely our lives would be without them...? Think about it!

  And then the being that we should be most thankful to Allah Taala. Do we even think about HIM in our busy lives...? Do we ever take the time to thank HIM rbi everything that HE has
given us. J How would we feel if we did everything in our power to make a person happy and comfortable and he doesn't even thank us.,.? Think about it!

Of course, we are all only human and are bound to feel the way we do but the path to true happiness lies in being content- Of course, there is nothing wrong in trying to improve
outselves and our lives but we should do it so as to please Allah Ta'ala and not with the inten-tion of being better than others. Because as long as we strive to be like others, we will never be happy. Because there will always be someone better off than us. A better idea would be to compare ourselves with those who have less than us and then will we realise Just how much we really have and we will become thankful, InshaAlfoL Life is short, my little friends. So let's not spend our precious time competing with one
another but rathe^ let's get together and try and improve the lives of those less fortunate than us. Atid it will make us better and happier people too, 1 promise. And now, my dear children -ANOTHER STORY TIME for you to enjoy, Read and practice what you Seam from the many stories inside. And remember to thank Allah Ta'ala for all the
gifts and blessings HE gives us everyday,.!

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